Get Creative

This is the fun part. Still thinking about our research themes, Health, Identity and Selfies, research participants will respond to a series of prompts particularly about their past, present and future health and about how social media and selfies interact with health. 

Prompts will be sent to research participants and responses can take any form, writing, drawings, collages, video, audio, whatever is easy and fun. A few tips: 

  • Grab some paper, pens, highlighters or whatever other drawing/writing materials you love; 
  • Set yourself a timer and just go for it, don't overthink anything, write or draw what comes to mind; 
  • Feel free to use whatever technology you enjoy if you prefer that method; 
  • There is no right or wrong, have fun with the process. 
  • The time you spend on this is up to you, I suggest you allow about 30-45 minutes.